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The library supports local writers in the Stillwater and Payne County area and those connected to OSU. We encourage you to READ Local and support our writing community.

If you are a local author or know of another Payne County author not listed on this page, please email sdelano@stillwater.org to submit your information. Thank you to author Susan Walker for her research and assistance on this list.

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baldwin web  

Quinn Baldwin

Matthew Quinn Baldwin taught middle school and junior high English for nine years. He is presently Stillwater Middle School’s library media specialist. Quinn lives in Stillwater with his wife and two children. Quinn’s books are available on Amazon.com as both paperbacks and e-books. Crossover may be checked out from the Local Author’s shelves.

  • The The Confessions of Justin Malone, (Alleged) Teen Bank Robber 
  • Crossover 
  • The Bible, Unplugged

Available at the Stillwater Public library and on amazon.com.

Reader Review: [Crossover is] An amazing first novel! Quinn Baldwin will be someone to read for years to come. This book was sci-fiction about time-travel, history, family, and divorce. He wrote with words that any teenager might feel as the family comes apart. A successful, acceptable "new normal" is found at the end of the book for this loving family. It had the feel of a "boy book" even though the main character was a female. Lots of adventure and great character development, I would recommend this book to any young middle school friend. It was a thrilling, suspenseful story that wouldn't let me put it down. ~Dosha



Cynthia Canfield Barnes

Cynthia was raised in Yale and graduated from Stillwater High School and OSU. Her book takes place in Yale.

  • An Ear to the Past (Available for purchase from amazon.com)
Reader Review: This is a charming book with lots of anecdotal stories of early statehood days in Yale, Oklahoma. Some of the stories made me chuckle; others were full of historical information. Keeping all the names and relationships straight was a challenge, but I enjoyed reading it. ~Stephenfish
donita baze   Donita Baze

Donita who published under D.S. Baze has lived in Stillwater over 25 years. Her book is available at Barnes & Noble and Lulu Publishing and can be checked out at the Stillwater Public Library. Keywords for Lulu search are Soul Mates, soulmates. Baze, teen, young adult fantasy, sexual abuse, dreams, dreaming, love story.

  • Soul Mates

Author site: http://d-baze.wix.com/mybooks



Dawn Behrens   Dawn Behrens

Dawn lives in Stillwater and works at OSU. Her books can be checked out at the SPL and purchased on amazon.com.

  • Benjamin Boo Real Super Hero
  • Benjamin Boo the Cranky Crocodile
  • Benjamin Boo Pays Hide-and-Seek With You

Author site: http://benjaminboobooks.wordpress.com

Reader Review: Benjamin Boo Real Super Hero is an adorable book which toddlers and children will enjoy. The cute pictures and short lines on each page will be great for a toddler's and child's short attention span. The story teaches that the real super hero is the person who shows kindness, who is helpful. These are teachings which everyone should apply in life. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.                                                             ~Josephine Calabrese
art bieri   Art Bieri

Long-time Stillwater physical education teacher Art Bieri, who has lived in Stillwater since 1959, was asked to create the district’s physical education program when he was hired by the district in 1959. Both of Art’s books can be checked out at the Stillwater Public Library and A Squirrel’s Dilemma can be found on amazon.com.

  • Action Games
  • A Squirrel's Dilemma

Reader Review: Art Bieri writes about a community of squirrels and their adjustment to change as the squirrel's environment is changed to make way for a community project. Progress forces some squirrels to make a home elsewhere, but there is one squirrel that makes a different choice.

Except for the cover and one small black-and-white picture at the end of the book, there are no pictures, so it is a quick story to read. I found it was hard to keep the interest of the younger children because they wanted pictures, but the older children seemed interested in the story to the end. The ending of the story seemed to leave my group of readers to want to speculate.

A great way to stir writing creativity in children is to not have a resolute ending. Some of the older children added their own ending of what they thought happened to the squirrels. I recommend  A Squirrel's Dilemma to elementary schools, parents and grandparents, and churches.   ~Jewel Sample, local author of Flying Hugs and Kisses

judith billings   Judith Billings

Judith and her husband Rod lived in Stillwater until their retirement. Presently they are enjoying retirement in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii. Judith’s book is available at the Stillwater Public Library as well as from amazon.com

  • Growing Up Scared

Reader review: Judy’s amazing story of an abusive, seemingly hopeless childhood, turns to joy and freedom. You will be surprised by the ease and simplicity of her life-changing formula. ~Peter Bradley, Former President, International Bible Society (now Biblica)

mac boyle   Mac Boyle

Mac, a long-time Stillwater resident, wrote his first novel, Right: A Novel of Politics, in Stillwater; thus, Right is heavily based on Stillwater and its surrounding area. Available at the SPL and amazon.com.

  • Right: a Novel of Politics

Author site: https://www.facebook.com/partyapocalypse

Reader Review: Mac Boyle's first published work is a great read. His story held my interest from the opening pages. The characters are genuine and compelling. This is not a comedy but I found myself laughing regularly. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Boyle's novel and will look for more by this young writer~Booklover (Kindle edition)

    Judith Carruth

Judith lives in Stillwater and writes under the pseudonym J. Midgley.

  • Paradise Love by J. Midgley
  • The Verdict: Law and Love by J. Midgley
alton carter   Alton Carter

Alton, a former foster child and police officer was the first person in his family to graduate from high school and college. Now the director of youth ministries for the First United Methodist Church of Stillwater, the Oklahoma State University alum has dedicated his life to working with young people. Carter’s popular books are available for purchase on amazon.com.

  • The Boy Who Carried Bricks (Winner of 2016 Oklahoma Book Award and named to national 2016 Top Ten In the Margins Book Awards List)
  • Aging Out (sequel to The Boy Who Carried Bricks)

Author site: http://www.altoncarter.net

Reader Review (one of 46): Buy this book!! Alton Carter is a phenomenal guy, and you will love him after reading this book. I am the same age and I grew up in the same town he wrote about. Alton is as genuine in person as he is in his book. Overcoming adversity is something we all face at one time or another, but Alton does this with more courage than anyone I know. Alton will inspire you to make a positive difference in a child's life, just as caring adults have made in his. This is a must read! ~ C. Prewitt

m scott carter   M. Scott Carter

Scott was raised in Yale, graduated from OSU, and is a former NewsPress photographer.

  • The Immortal Von B.
  • Stealing Kevin's Heart

Author site: http://mscottcarter.com

Reader Review: Mr. Carter's first novel [Stealing Kevin’s Heart] is a winner, telling the story of a young man learning to deal with the death of his best friend for which he feels partially to blame. The first person narrative creates a very realistic and likable main character. The plot moves along to a not entirely unexpected conclusion, but it holds the reader’s attention along the way.

Kudos to Carter's use of dialog. One of my biggest complaints in YA literature is the poor representation of realistic dialog. Carter never has characters speak in ways that read like an adult imitating an adolescent. Definitely a good read. ~Amazon customer

fred causley sr   Fred Causley, Sr.

Fred, an OSU graduate, is the owner of Stillwater’s Causley Productions, a business that specializes in tee shirts and screen printing, awards and laser engraved gifts, apparel, and vinyl lettering designs.

Causley’s book is available on the Local Authors shelves at the library.

  • When First I Heard the Whisper

Author site: http://www.wordandspiritpublishing.com

From cover: "This is a book of Christian poetry......the author has simply shared what life experiences have shared with him."

carla chlouber   Carla Chlouber (1939 - 2011)

Carla and her husband Dale founded the Washington Irving Trail Museum located between Ripley and Stillwater on the ranch homesteaded by Otto Gray’s parents. Using photographs from the museum’s collections and from the families of the band members, she tells the story of America’s first commercially successful western band. Both the book and the stationary are available for purchase at amazon.com.

  • The Oklahoma Cowboy Band: Images of America
  • The Oklahoma Cowboy Band (OK) (Postcards of America) Stationery

Reader’s Review: The Oklahoma Cowboy Band: Images of America. The Oklahoma Cowboy Band was the first western string band in the nation to broadcast over radio and appear on Vaudeville. Their popularity was largely responsible for the cowboy imagery still present in country music. Strings, comedy, vaudeville.128 pages of historic photos. They [the book and postcards] are keepsakes and gifts. Otto Gray/his wife and son played on Radio in 1925. Traveled all over the west------were popular for 10 years. A great group!  ~BBP

me cooperweb   M.E. Cooper (1933-2010)

Mary Ellen Cooper, former owner of Cooper’s Bicycles (est. 1930), which daughter Mary Cash now runs, was a prolific writer of true crime books as the list below attests. All of her books can be reviewed on amazon (search by title) but are available only from third-party sellers; Cooper’s books can also be found on the library’s Local Author shelves and are available locally at Cooper's Locksmith, 228 S Main Street.

  • Almost Murder w/Audrey Eggers
  • Bold and Brassy
  • Blood and Pity
  • Deadly Redlands
  • Deadly Patterns: An Oklahoma Quilt Mystery
  • Fatal Trust
  • Key Confrontations
  • Key Deceptions
  • Murder at the Locksmith Convention
  • Slow Death and Other Oklahoma Murders
  • Through the Years: A History of Cooper’s Bicycles
  • Uncivil Death
  • Unlikely Assassins

Author site: http://www.mecooper.com

Reader review: "...[the] characters [in Uncivil Death] come forth in such blazing reality that you will see, feel, taste and smell the entire military operation..." ~ Dusty Richards, western author

walt cross


Walt Cross

Walt Cross has lived in the area since 1979 and is a Cushing and OSU graduate. Walt writes mostly non-fiction history books about the Old West and the military. He holds degrees in both history and science and is a combat veteran of the 7th U.S. Artillery. Born at Fort Hood, Texas, Walt is the son of a cavalryman as his father served in the 87th Cavalry.

  • Custer's Lost Officer
  • Out West with Custer and Crook
  • From Little Big Horn to the Potomac

Author site: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/greenpheon7  Go to this prolific author’s website to see additional titles or to purchase.

Reader Review: [Custer’s Lost Officer is a ] Very readable and historically interesting account of the search for one of Custer's "lost officers" - Lieutenant Henry Moore Harrington. Called "lost" because his body - along with several other officers’ [bodies] - was never recovered at the Little Bighorn Battle scene. Great detective work on the part of author Cross to track down both the actual remains and what probably happened to this young lieutenant at the horrific Little Bighorn battle, where Custer's 200-man command was confronted with close to 2,000 warrior braves who were better armed than their 7th Cavalry counterparts and who knew the landscape, so critical to this battle. Cross provides a great deal of additional information about life in the US Cavalry during this campaign and insightful research on the battle itself. This is a fine read for those interested in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Not the book to start with on this topic, but if you want an "inside baseball" look at an enigmatic participant in the battle and some CSI style investigative work, it's a great book for you~R. McNealy


Debora Davis

Davis got her education at Oklahoma State University and was a librarian at the Stillwater Public Library before quitting to write her first novel. She lives in Stillwater with her husband, Lenny, and their cat, King. She enjoys reading, writing, and chocolate, and she loves toys. Debora's work is inspired by the masterful writing of Stephen King. She has written a screenplay based on January 3rd ½ and is presently working on a sequel entitled All Lost Things, which will introduce a supernatural being who lives in the magical place between heaven and earth called "Twixt." January 3rd ½ is available on amazon.com.

  • January 3rd½

Publisher Review: What Would You do on a Day Without Consequences? January 3rd ½ explores universal fantasies and asks the reader to imagine a day free from social responsibility, morals, and laws. What would you do if you had the chance to experience a day that doesn't exist? A "Free Day" on which you could do anything you chose with no consequences? Would you take revenge? Express yourself in some way without restraint? Make real your darkest fantasies? Tempt death? Five people receive the chance to do just that when they find a mysterious invitation under their Christmas tree in the form of a silver ticket embossed with the words "Free Day January 3rd 1/2." All of the characters in this compelling fantasy think they will benefit from their "Free Day," but the lesson of the story is really, "Be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it!" This fantastic story is designed to make us take a close look at our hidden desires and the reality we choose to live in and react to. Magic and suspense drive the story to places beyond imagination and into an alternate reality.

lynnette erwin   K. Lynette Erwin

Lynette, a Stillwater native, still lives in the city. As a Mozart historian, K. Lynette Erwin is recognized as an authority on the life and career of Anna Storace, for whom Mozart created the role of Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro in 1786. Available for purchase at amazon.com.

  • So Faithful a Heart: The Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart
  • When Love Won't Die 

Reader Review: Spell-binding historical fiction at its best, this love story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart made me look forward to bedtime, my reading time. That is a rare feat! The writing is so well crafted that the words disappear on the page as the story swells and develops beautifully into a living movie in the reader's mind. I'm looking forward to this gifted writer's next project!  ~Lori Werth

Jeffrey KM Fortney


Jeff & K.M. Fortney

Jeffrey M. Fortney is a former U.S. Air Force firefighter and fire service training instructor. When not writing science fiction, military action/adventures, and political thrillers, he works as a senior technical editor/photographer at Fire Protection Publications in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

K.M. Fortney is a computer specialist with the Edmond Low Library at Oklahoma State University.

Books include:

  • Crisis on Terra-Prime (with K.M. Fortney)
  • Foothold on Terra-Bravo (with K.M. Fortney)
  • Crisis on Terra-Bravo (with K.M. Fortney)
  • The Terra-Bravo Saga: Volume 1 (with K.M. Fortney)
  • The Arizona State Guard: Bloody Border
  • The Arizona State Guard: Target Terror
  • The Arizona State Guard: Freedom’s Forge
  • The Arizona State Guard Trilogy
  • Camadin Station One: Death Haunts the Stars
  • Camadin Station Two: Last Stand

The books are available as paperback and Kindle editions on amazon.com.     

Their books are available in e-book and paperback formats at amazon.com/author/jeffreyfortney:

Reader Review: Being a certified Techno-Geek, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am always interested in stories that emphasize discovery and problem solving, especially when technology is used to do so, over the pathos and mindless violence which is becoming all too common in SF these days.

I grew up reading the "hard" SF by authors like Clarke, Asimov, Sheffield and Forward. Other than some of the technology available to the protagonists being a bit too advanced to be plausible (molecular fabricators in 2020?), the story brings to mind the kind of SF I enjoy; people overcoming obstacles to improve their lives and civilizations.  ~Thomas J. Davis


Dennis Gronquist

Gronquist, a longtime Stillwater resident, was president of the Stillwater Writers Group for more than five years and for twelve years also put out the Group’s monthly newsletter. All of Gonquist’s titles are self-published and sold out of his home, but Time Trap, Time Trap Two, and Allah’s Torch are also available through amazon.com. Gronquist writes under the pseudonyms of De, D. E., and DE Gronquist, so it is best to search Amazon for his titles under his last name.

  • Time Trap
  • Time Trap Two
  • Allah’s Torch 
  • Domestic Jihad
  • Socialism, Okie Style: Corrupting the Public Trust

Reader Reviews: This novel [Time Trap] seems to target adult sci-fi fans; however, teens and young adults would enjoy it much more. It is not a long book, about 157 pages. There are no chapter numbers. Instead, each new section has a brief title, such as "Genworld" and "The Trial." It is a stand-alone story, but has the potential of becoming a small series if the author so chooses. One word of advice to readers: Do not read the back of the book. It tells too much of the story and could spoil it for you. Simply open the book and begin reading. ~Detra Fitch

This [Socialism, Okie Style] is a great illustration of practical research. I was amazed at its breadth and the outstanding way that Gronquist presented his findings.A copy of this book should receive wide distribution to governmental employees and local officials who have responsibilities that they ignore or feel incapable of fulfilling. I congratulate Mr. Gronquist for his excellent study. ~Kenneth Shelby Armstrong, Th.D., Ed.D/Author and Publisher

debra higgins   Debra Higgins

Debra has lived in Stillwater since 1979. Her book is available to be checked out from the Local Writer’s shelves at the Stillwater Public Library.

  • Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
tim jessell   Tim Jessell

Tim attended The University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he earned a bachelor of fine arts degree, graduating cum laude, in commercial design. When not at his drawing board, this talented artist spends his time with his wife and three children in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where Tim coaches his children’s teams in baseball, softball, football, & basketball. He also trains falcons in the sport of falconry. Tim’s illustration style is pertinent to a broad range of market applications, including advertising, point of sale, corporate use, editorials, books, and more. Falcon and Dog Diaries are available commercially and on the SPL’s Local Author shelves.

  • Falcon   by Tim Jessell
  • Amorak  by Tim Jessell
  • Dog Diaries Series by Kate Kilmo, illustrated by Jessell: (Ginger, Buddy, Barry, Togo, Dash, Sweetie, Stubbie, Fala, Sparky, and Rolf, as well as Tiny Tim, Dog Diaries special edition)

From Publishers Weekly: Jessell, a prize-winning magazine illustrator, achieves an exceptional harmony of narrative tone, art and design in this beautiful picture book [Amorak] . . . . His suggestively lit paintings, rich with nocturnal blues and golden firelight, sustain the intensity and wonder of his tale.

Reader’s Review: This [Falcon] is a wonderful book! It is well written and the illustrations are gorgeous! I have been looking for a falcon book for our "Reading with Raptors" program which introduces small children to the world of raptors one bird at a time. It is the right amount of information for the age group and the pictures beautifully compliment the story and the live peregrine falcon we bring to the program. I highly recommend it to all.

Author/Illustrator site: http://timjessell.com

nate lee  

Nate Lee

Nate Lee was born and raised in Oklahoma, where he graduated with a bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering technology from Oklahoma State University. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Wichita, Kansas, where by day he presently works as an aircraft manufacturing engineer, but by night he is an avid player of video games, lover of music, husband and father of four. Imposter, a supernatural novel in which a young woman pursues a culprit who robbed her sister’s grave and stole her identity, is Lee’s debut novel. Imposter is available from amazon.com in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle formats.

  • Imposter

Reader Reviews

—Woven throughout the mystery, Lee grapples with the overarching theme of God’s hand in suffering. He says, “We all endure hardship to some degree. The Bible even instructs us to rejoice in our suffering, knowing that it eventually produces hope.”   ~ West Bow Press                                                                                                                     

—I wanted a good summer read and I found it in Nate Lee's Imposter! I couldn't put it down as I kept wanting to figure out the plot. It kept me interested the entire time. I especially loved the overall message of the book. It has challenged me (in a great way!) to consider how I'm fostering my talents. Overall loved it! Please write another!!  ~ Alison S

—Hard to put down, this book kept me intrigued. It kept me guessing and anxious to solve the mystery. The characters were believable and well-developed and the story line unusual. Imposter left me with food for thought, even after its conclusion, making me ponder how I am using for His glory the talents I've been given.  ~ J Parsons

sherrill lewis    Sherrill M. Lewis (1949-2016)

Sherrill Lewis is a self-taught artist across diverse media. Since her senior year in high school, she has won awards for writing, art dolls, beadwork, crazy quilts, and photography. In 2010, her first technique-oriented book, Splendiferous Bead Motifs!, was published. In 2014, Uncultured Pearl, her first novel in the Maggie Storm Blue Mystery Series, was published. She then published her second (Deadly Chevrons) and third (Deadly Facets) books in the Series. Raised in Maine, Lewis moved to Stillwater in 1997 where she resided on an idyllic, never boring, five acres in Payne County, Oklahoma, with her husband Gene. Lewis’s titles can be found on the library’s Local Author shelves as well as on amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions.

  • Splendiferous Bead Motifs!
  • Indelicately Demised (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery, Vol. 4)
  • Deadly Facets (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery, Vol. 3)
  • Deadly Chevrons (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery, Vol. 2)
  • Uncultured Pearl (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery, Vol. 1)

Reader Review: I love cozy mysteries and read a lot of them. Sherrill Lewis brings the town and its people to life. Dialogue and descriptions are excellent. I can smell the June breezes and feel Maggie's heart-pounding terror at the surprise in the candy box. There is a dash of romance as well. I am interested in continuing with this series. ~ Author Ronda Del Boccio

vera long   Vera Long (1924-2016)

A collection of poems written by longtime Stillwater resident and Oklahoma farm lady Vera Long. Some are award winning. 

  • Vera the Country Poet
melanie moffitt


MD "Melanie" Moffitt

Melanie lives in Stillwater and graduated from OSU. Melanie's books are available for download comercially.

  • Ancient Origins
  • Language of the Gods
  • Belladonna - The Beginning




sandra onley    Sandra Onley

Sandra Onley, a teacher in the child development lab in the College of Human Sciences at Oklahoma State University, is the author of Halley the Sheepdog, a book that includes illustrations instead of photographs, showing Halley’s point of view about her new home and family members. Onley says: “I am an early childhood teacher and I know the importance of reading to every child’s success in life. If a child can read, he can achieve his goals.”

  • Halley the Sheepdog

Author’s Site: http://sbpra.com/sandraonley

Book is available on the Local Authors’ Shelves and from amazon.com and barnessndnoble.com
pettyjohn   Wayne A. Pettyjohn (1933-2017)

Pettyjohn attended South Dakota School of Mines from 1952 to 1954and then joined the United States Marine Corps. After Honorable Discharge from the Corps in 1957, he returned to his studies on the G.I. Bill. He remained in the Armed Forces in the United States Army Reserve until 1962. In 1981 Pettyjohn became Head of the School of Geology at Oklahoma State University. He retired from OSU in 1995.wrote two historical fiction novels of the Marine Corps in the Great War.

  • Slum and Guns: Tales of Marines in the Great War (a collection of 32 short stories
  • Buck's Story: A Marine in the Great War

Both books are available in paperback and Kindle versions on amazon.com.

margaret potter web
  Margaret Potter

Born and raised in Syracuse New York, Potter moved to Oklahoma when her husband, Dr. Howard Potter, accepted the position of Head of Music at OSU. After the move the couple found that Howard’s mother had Oklahoma roots. Howard’s great grandfather actually lived in Stillwater in a house that pre-dated the music building that Howard works in. Potter says, “My mother-in-law’s diary crystalized things for me in that we all have a history, we all have life stories. We need to remember the moments and save them for our children or for the world! There are many ways to do that and that is what How to Write Your Own Life Story is all about. Presently Potter’s projects include, My Daughter in My Pocket and Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned In Music Class

  • How to Write Your Own Life Story
  • Washashore (a book of short stories about Cape Cod available on amazon.com)
  • Refugee (under review; a non-fiction book about Potter’s experiences resettling Cambodians after the Vietnam War). 

Reader Review:

I very much liked all the short stories. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, but overall very moving. I am a short story kind of person so this book was perfect for me. I only have one complaint...I want more stories (ha! ha!) ~ Torch007

 eric reitan  

Eric Reitan

Eric Reitan, a Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University, specializes in ethics (especially nonviolence theory) and the philosophy of religion. An award-winning writer and scholar, he is the author of dozens of professional articles, several short stories, and two books:

  • Is God a Delusion? A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers (named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2009) and
  • God's Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism (co-authored with John Kronen)

Reader Review: "In the book [Is God a Delusion?] you get two things for the price of one. 1- An intro to the philosophy of religion and 2- a fun, readable, and vigorous critical response to the New Atheists." ~Tripp Fuller, Homebrewed Christianity

peter rollins


Peter Rollins (1942-2015)

Peter Rollins, co-founder of the Southwest/Texas Popular/American Culture Association Columbia Companion to American History on Film and a contributor to Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture spent his entire career as a professor in OSU’s Department of English. Rollins’ books are also available commercially.

  • Hollywood's White House
  • The West Wing
  • Hollywood as Historian: American Film in a Cultural Context
  • America Reflected: Language, Satire, Film, and the American Mind 

Reader Review: "A commendably comprehensive analysis of the issue of Hollywood's ability to shape our minds. . . . The essays are vital, both in the sense of being invigorating reading and in terms of their significance to the growing body of film criticism." ~Booklist

jewel sample


Jewel Sample

Jewel Sample is an OSU graduate who lives in Stillwater. Her books are available for purchase at amazon.com.

  • Flying Hugs and Kisses
  • Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book

Author’s site: http://jewelsamples.blogspot.com

Reader Review: This is a must have book for every family library. At some point families all have to deal with the stress of death, be it a baby, child or adult. This book is highly informative in such a kind and loving way. It can be used as a teaching tool or just a treasure of love to a friend or family in need. Jewel Sample is a compassionate story teller and wonderfully creative in getting the job done. Ms. Sample's story Flying hugs and kisses is deeply appreciated. ~Darren G. Thompson

barbara shepherd


Barbara Shepherd

Barbara was raised in Yale and graduated from Yale High School.

  • Patchwork Skin
  • Imagination Turned Loose
  • A Centennial Celebration of Oklahoma Stories





fred staff


Fred Staff

Fred, an OSU student, was born in Seminole and raised in Pawnee, Oklahoma. His love of history drove him to write books that make history come alive and at the same time provide the reader with action and excitement. Author of Rocha’s Treasure of Potosi, the number one best seller in its category in Bolivia, Staff is presently a teacher of history at Calvert School and an Educational Advisor for Jalasoft Foundation in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Staff’s titles are available at the SPL and also on amazon.com.

  • Young Bass Reeves: The Life of the First Black Marshal West of the Mississippi 
  • Bass Reeves, Lawman
  • Judge Parker and Brass Reeves
  • Cherokee Bill

Reader Review: Great westerns are hard to find these days and Fred Staff does an excellent job of bringing them on in this account [Young Bass Reeves] of one of, if not the best, US Marshalls to exist based on historical fact. Written in the third person, this book starts out when Bass Reeves was a young slave telling of his upbringing and how he escapes slavery and becoming a free man in the Cherokee Nation Territory of Oklahoma. Fred Staff obviously spent many hours of research prior to writing this book. It is an excellent account of American West historical value covering slavery in Texas, the Cherokee nation and Indian Territory(Oklahoma) of the mid and late 1800s. ~John s.

Hannah tuohy   Hannah Tuohy

Hannah Tuohy is a children’s book illustrator from Waukomis, Oklahoma. She attended Oklahoma State University and graduated with an honors degree in graphic design emphasizing illustration. In 2012 Hannah won the following awards: Oklahoma State University Graphic Design Senior of the Year; Creative Lightning Awards-1st in Illustration; 2012-Graphex 43- 1st in Illustration. Since her time at OSU, Hannah has illustrated over 27 books, including The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug as well as the Teddy Tales picture books of local author Susan Schuyler Walker. All of Walker’s books are available at the SPL. Tuohy, who presently lives and works in Tulsa, is an active member of the Oklahoma SCBWI chapter.

Below are some additional books Tuohy has illustrated. Go to Tuohy’s website for additional titles:

  • Augie the Moose Has a Loose Tooth by Rob Colwell
  • Wondering by Christy Sheffield of Great Expectations
  • No Sand in the House by Jennifer Crawford
  • The Oyster’s Secret by Traci Dunham
  • Aaron the Aardvark by David McKinney

Illustrator site: https://hannahtuohyillustration.myportfolio.com/projects

susan walker   Susan Schuyler Walker

Walker has lived in Stillwater since 1979. Though now retired, Walker has worked for the Oklahoma Department of Vocational Education, Fire Protection Publications, and as an instructor in the OSU English Department. Her books were all released in 2015 or 2016 and are available on amazon.com.

  • The Snarl the Cob & the Pflug (“Read to me” chapter book)
  • No Turkey for Teddy (Holiday picture book)
  • Ted & Pad Trick-or-Treat (Holiday picture book)
  • Ted & Pad
  • Ted & Pad at the Lake
  • Teddy & Paddy on Vacay (“I Can Read” picture books)
  • Coast When Ya Kin: 30 Years “Behind Bars” (Adult nonfiction)

Author site: www.susanschuylerwalker.net

Reader Review: The first thing my grandchildren asked when I went to see them in Switzerland last month was “Can we finish Charlie Snarly?” I had begun reading The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug to them at our family reunion, but had gotten only through Chapter 4. So, during my visit we read a chapter each night, and what a pleasure it was! “Kugs and hisses” tickles Juliette’s (8) fancy no end, and Oscar (5) inspects every spider he finds to see if it’s a brown recluse. And both of them asked if the book would become a film. Have you thought about that? You have a delicious imagination and a wonderful way with words. ~Cousin Marcia Couelle

sk waller


S.K. "Kaye" Waller

SK Waller, a musician, songwriter, and author, moved to Stillwater from Southern California in 2000.Her book is available on amazon as well as on the Local Author shelves in the library.

  • With A Dream: A Rock & Roll Series (Beyond The Bridge) (Volume 1)

Author’s site: http://www.skwaller.com



mary jane warde   Mary Jane Warde

Mary Jane has lived in Stillwater over forty years where she has been active in the Payne County Historical Society and in teaching history classes through the Osher Lifeling Learning Institute.

  • When the Wolf Came: The Civil War & the Indian Nation
  • George Washington Grayson & the Creek Nation, 1843-1920

Available at the Stillwater Public library and on amazon.com

Reader Review: Loved it....my grandpa is part of this history!   ~Renee Burris